What will happen when Nibiru comes?

If you’re unfamiliar with the issue, just look up ‘Nibiru’ in any search engine.

Its trajectory is very very near Earth in the end of 2012. If a planet of this magnitude (just smaller than Jupiter) passes this closely by us, what would happen as a result of the gravitational and electromagnetic forces?

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    Imaginary planets don’t have much affect on Earth… only things with mass have gravity. Imaginary planets don’t have gravity. Come 2012, you’ll see.

    Unless, of course, your referring to “Jupiter”… Nibiru is an ancient name for Jupiter. Jupiter will not be passing close to Earth in 2012, and even if it did, it is too far away to have any noticeable effects on the planet.

  • Elizabeth H:

    Using criteria developed in this research, new measurements possible in 2013 (if not 2011) will likely confirm that in 2036 Apophis will quietly pass more than 49 million km (30.5 million miles; 0.32 AU) from Earth on Easter Sunday of that year (April 13).

    The Near-Earth Object Program Office at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena, Calif., has not changed its current estimates for the very low probability (1 in 45,000) of an Earth impact by the asteroid Apophis in 2036.

  • Steve S:

    we can all finally go home.

  • Luna Dreamer Chaos:

    Nibiru? I know what that is. I don’t think it’s going to be called a planet because Pluto was demoted to dwarf planet. No way a planet that big can be so far away from the Sun and I believe it is something much smaller and probably it would be a called a dwarf planet after someone discovers it. And it won’t come close to Earth. Do you also believe in the Anunnaki? The closest star (Alfa Centauri) is 4.37 light years, so there is no way we would be intersecting one of it’s planets. We don’t even know if it has planets.

  • Homer Being:

    Well if it exist, major worldwide catastrophes, a pole shift would be likely as the poles of the earth would be realigned due to the magnetic pull of Nibiru’s poles. If it does exist is supposedly supposed to pass between mars and jupiter, I bleiev it will happen, but not going to get into why. The site below has some good videos relating to 2012, nibiru, pole shifts, annunaki, etc. Im hoping that if something does happen over the next few years, that comets arent in the picture, because we can surrive other chaos, but an impact from a foreign object cant be avoided and is likely to be the worst case scenario, and has the possibility to make us go extinct. Just to ease your mind, Nibiru will not slam into Earth, that theory is just nonsense, planets dont slam into other planets.


  • Geoff G:

    Nothing will happen because Nibiru does not exist. Just because something shows up in an internet search engine doesn’t mean it exists in the real world. Try searching on a reliable web site like NASA-JPL, and you won’t find a single reference to Nibiru.

  • cobirch2:

    the same thing that will happen when jesus comes

    oh im sorry, that was uncalled for. but, imaginary things have no effect on earth. sorry to burst your bubble.

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