Steve Quayle on The Hagmann & Hagmann Report

April 13, 2012 interview with Steve Quayle

25 Responses to “Steve Quayle on The Hagmann & Hagmann Report”

  • wallytron101:


  • InfiniteSantaClaus:

    Great. Now we? better start talks with Canada on annexing it to fit his bloated ego inside of. Quayle.. Angel WARS (lol!) Go take a look at his website. RAFFLE ticket scams.. He’s in it for the money and the sci fi poop attaching it to the patriot community and marketing himself off Christian fanboys and girls.. A great internet marketeer.

  • stephencavitt:

    And? even so, come lord Jesus!

  • InfiniteSantaClaus:

    Steve Quayle strikes me as scammy and needs to move to Montana and then annex parts of Canada to fit his ego inside of. Research his past shows.. What a fear monger who is way way way wrong..? BTW Steve, stop injecting Piss into a CANCER patient with your JESUS saving us all from the wrath of BANKERS. This makes people put the responsibility on a being that does not exist.. You might as well get us praising UNICORNS to protect us from the bankers

  • mabusmojo66:

    these guys should just just end? the conversation and suck his cock. gobble gobble gobbeldy gook!

  • ravenwolf789:

    and Jesus said:” It will be like the days of Noah no one gave a shit until the flood came and wiped their ass off? the planet!” this is where we are guys!! end of the quote and yes that is what he would say today and has.
    Few care until the cookie jar is gone then its already over! I personally believe its over right now, next step? your guess!!~

  • daniel landolph:

    go to google images then type in vore monsters steve quayle? is not lieing

  • 32jhunter:

    This is So real how can one not give this a chance? I grew up in poverty and I now feel like I know the reasons why it is so hard to get in to the next class. I work hard always have and I am college educated however some things in my growing up I couldn’t explain and did not have an answer to now those things make sense. I will do some research but Steve Q. tells where to look! What is the harm in believing? If you are scared why if you? are truly a lover of GOD you shouldn’t be.

  • daniel landolph:


  • elevenplaneteleven:

    Douche this Steve Quayle .. listen to his past shows from years prior , this guy is a fear mongering bold dork cashing in on the paranoid people (market).. He takes credit for the? hard work of other patriots. This guy is garbage

  • marionetemanJ:

    Do you know that Christianity? is correct? The world around us reveals that G-d DOES exist, and the historical evidence reveals that Jesus Christ really did come to this earth and there is overwhelming evidence that Jesus Christ really did physically rise from the dead. Jesus is coming again and the signs of the end times that were foretold in the Bible are coming to pass.

  • silverlemniscate:

    Steve’s bank…storing his treasures on earth rather than in heaven, tempting the frightened and weak of faith to do the? same…

  • jillian mcguire:

    At the last? trumpet sound, the dead in Christ shall raise, and we that are alive shall meet them in the air,

  • jillian mcguire:

    Jesus said if you deny we before men, I will deny you before my father? in heaven,

  • jillian mcguire:

    Let God arise and his enemies be scattered, God bless you Steve, for speaking the truth, there arn’t many teaching truth today, Jesus said you shall know the truth, and the truth will set you free, I, now know why God distroyed nations in the past, it was because of the wickedness, and yes I do believe that there was a pre Adamic people, Cain went to the land of Nod, and took himself? a wife, It is written in Genesis. I pray for God to put a firewall around you, He always protects his servants,

  • SovereignFOTL:

    correction, the interviewer is Prof Truth, the guest /author is Zen -fascinating interview which i commend to all, xian /non-xian alike -he’s saying we’re the fallen angels, same as Ken Klein, puts Jesus and his mission in a context that for the first time – outside of astrotheology (which xians are fools to ignore or deny) – actually makes SERIOUS THEOLOGICAL sense; not shrinking but positively? EMBRACING the Nag Hammadi texts! on my third listening as it’s necessarily q convoluted. Get onto it!

  • SovereignFOTL:


    Sons of God: Who Are We – Why We Are Here

    brilliant interview – i’ve added him to my list of Most Favoured Christians along w/? Steve Quayle, Tom Horn, Lynn Marzuli, Greg Evenson, Chuck Missler, Russ Dizdar and Bill ‘the Spirit of Outrageous Fibs’ Schoebelen lol

    -.the interviewee, Professor Truth’s, discussing his book of the above name -VERY deep! A Must Listen! I’ll bet even Quayle, Horn, Marzuli and Missler wd get a lot out of it. Might email them.

  • SovereignFOTL:

    no: attire tells ME a lot about an individual – i’ll bet Doug insists his son Joe wears that? masonic uniform b/c “you only have one chance to create a first impression” and ” if you look the part you’re well on yr way to being the part”, that kinda thing ..he’s from a generation where collar and tie, smart suit, polished shoes, tidy haircut, really counted for something and he’ll go to his grave thinking it’s “smart”, in “good taste”, “just looks RIGHT”
    a warrior pays v close attn, weighs ppl up

  • IraHayesIraHayes:

    You should see beyond what people wear and don’t ever look back. End of that topic.? That’s the warrior way.

  • cher128bx:

    Absolutely Brilliant. ?

  • SovereignFOTL:

    no wonder they wanna take Steve? out -he’s for those w/ ears to ear, xians n non-xians alike -when ppl know Q’s gonna be on they flock to their radio /computer -makes me think of old iconic images of a family sat round some huge wooden radio but instead of big cheesy smiles, looks of horror lol

    they addressed time dilation -can’t believe this was nearly a month ago -see Jay Weidner’s hyperdimensional alchemy model @ sacredmysteries

    ‘s worth hearing Drake out, always look at things fr both sides

  • SovereignFOTL:

    they come runnin just as fast as they can
    coz every girl crazy bout a sharp dressed man
    ZZ Top
    for many? personal grooming -haircut, clean shaven, nice suit, collar n tie count for a lot; has the opposite effect on me -reeks of th status quo /a masonic uniform -tie’s a cable tow /noose To wit: Doug thought PATRIOT was a Good Thang! WHA .? hope he’s done a complete volte face on ..ooh ..everything?
    1:15:05 ‘hail’ -where non-xians go
    i take Q very seriously -no one better clued-in to what’s happnin

  • theeman55:

    For the record I think Steve should try and archive these shows and have them MP-3 AVAILABLE ON HIS WEB SITE FOR HIS LISTENERS.Alas though many of his best are youtubed and God forbid when the shoe drops from the upcoming internet police state censorship,many of his works will be lost forever! I respect? Megman blog talk radio cause there it is saved and available for free a Mp-3 to the public.Just a honest Idea steve.How about it.Joe from Philly,Pa.

  • silverlemniscate:

    Ezekiel 7:19 ‘They will throw their silver into the streets, And their gold will be like refuse; Their silver and their gold will not be able to deliver them In the day of the wrath of the LORD; They will not satisfy their souls, Nor fill their stomachs, Because it became their stumbling block of iniquity
    Steve Quayle will tell you there is no pre-trib rapture while he will deliver silver for you to toss into the streets because its worthless!? Steve is taking it to the bank not to the Lord…

  • theeman55:

    The real truth Thanks Steve and? Hagman show

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