Planet X – Killshot

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Major Ed Dames claims that a large celestial body will pass close to the Earth, taking down our magnetosphere, as large solar flares devastate the planet.

25 Responses to “Planet X – Killshot”

  • svetlana736:

    “professionally executed remote viewing sessions” the use of superlatives for a simple exercise called scrying, millions use it everyday, but it’s “professional” now that a compass holding prat can do it. Solar flares come and go, but madness always remains.

  • svetlana736:

    the only people underground will be the elite whilst they wipe out the dregs, use fear of a stupid big red planet then gas them.

  • svetlana736:

    more bullshit, this guy is holding a compass, classic freemason symbol at 3:31, sorry thumbs down.

  • xptexhmike:

    We have the techies, but we’re not learning of any lessons….. Take Japan for instance.. Are we disassembling any nuke plants from that lesson? NOOOOooooooo.. Not a single one. Not even close.
    What technology we have we will not use to escape our own destruction, much less the impending one which comes as a thief in the night. (or should I say: a gang-set house invasion)

  • xptexhmike:

    I will hope to meet you before the end, my friend. I believe you are right about this global event, but you mentioned nothing about the moon possibly being struck, and the immense amount of particles between the planets causing an effect on the earth’s magnetic fields, so much that even a much lesser series of coronal mass ejections will super heat the atmosphere. What I am saying is that it does not have to be planet sized and that is exactly what is coming with the next twin NEO. Very soon!

  • cro508:

    @surgcare because they mentioned the 12th planet, which would be Nibiru.

  • surgcare:

    @cro508 How do you know the “Anunaki” came from Nibiru?

  • realityexplorations:

    I wounder if this has come and gone and the flare missed us, if you research nassim haramiens vids

  • cro508:

    @surgcare i think it exists, since Anunaki came from it.

  • surgcare:

    @cro508 Nibiru does not exist . Its the galactic core that appears ( currently visible) in the ski as a star .This galactic super wave will emit into an alignment of galactic core , sun and earth . This huge burst of energy will appear as a star(now) then blue (Hopi blue star kachina) then red as the intense energy coming from galactic core burns the atmosphere and then what most likely will result in earth’s devastation , an immense solar EMP .If you choose to believe what you said then….

  • cro508:

    @surgcare i don’t think its gonna be that bad, since Nibiru passes between Mars and Jupiter. but then anything can happen. like now there is more and more earthquakes

  • surgcare:

    He is correct about kill shot but I believe he is incorrect regarding an incoming object .What will be seen and seen before is the core or center of the galaxy as it gives off a super wave ,Its affect will be as though a huge body passes by but in actuality is this galactic super wave . This will “aggravate ” the sun to produce mega energy fluxes as well as itself producing a massive energy input which will change all life on earth in a significant and unique way .NOT AVOIDABLE

  • 41366randy:

    This is avoidable, totally. We have the technology. I know we do!

  • Slyfo1:

    @rabcmcdee1981 Most likely Elenin… red october

  • wangchung138:

    cause the cia is a quality organization. or any american orginization for that matter! you dont have to believe anything your watching in these vid you dont have to prepare or even think for yourself or even protect your family. no one cares what you do its only the ones who survive that matter, its better that negative people dont anyways

  • rabcmcdee1981:

    @GlenStorageCenter what asteroid is that then ???


    Cornell University Library’s website…search nemesis, it has 89 pages acknowledging planet x IN deniers are either mainstream followers too stupid to actually do research or gov’t paid trolls..really it wont matter, soon enough you all will be slapped in the face with it…

  • GlenStorageCenter:

    @Starpass listen there nothing out there no planet X or nibiru iv looked with telescope !
    there is a asteroid but not where planet x is.and it would take. if my math is right 2020 befor it would get hear
    so there no planet x.ok fine good bye

  • irelandopera:

    they say comet Elenin is about 3 to 4 times the mass of Jupiter. Never heard a “comet” to be that big. Anyways, a comet is a comet, right? according to the “paid” scientific communities. Anyways, they say Elenin will cross in front of earth by October 2011. We much likely will pass in front of it’s tail that carries all sorts of goodies that will penetrate our skies. it will be the best ASTEROID shower you will ever see. And maybe just the last. U don’t have to go through it. Accept Jesus now.

  • irelandopera:

    @jiberish001 the CIA lies about a lot of things

  • Starpass:

    @GlenStorageCenter Read your Bible. This has been prophesied to happen soon.

  • Starpass:

    I read about this a few years ago. Now I’m hearing it again. Revelation says one third of the Earth will burn killing everything the flare touches. These coming flares have been coming for a long time. We used to have a Magnetosphere that encompassed the Planet protecting us from Solar Flares..but guess what? Something has blown a huge hole in the Magnetosphere. I think when they fired up the HAARP weapon it did this damage to the Magnetosphere. Prove to me this is not true. I hope I’m wrong.

  • yudiee333:

    please read Isiah 24 -it describes this to the hilt— hhow ever it pans out- it sounds like Biblical judgments are on thier way– better get right with God

  • yudiee333:

    @OfficialDJMixMusic well interesting that they care calling for a massive solar katrina like solar storm soon! nasa has issued the warning

  • hilololomoa:

    grant white sharks is waiting for him.

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