Nibiru / Planet X – Current Position and Coordinates: May 23, 2011 (Everything about Nibiru/Planet X – from both historical and scientific view points)

5 Responses to “Nibiru / Planet X – Current Position and Coordinates: May 23, 2011”

  • hadibadashi:

    get paltalk there is a disscusion group called planet X drown dwarf there is going to be a press release to confirm it is on its way to us and ELENIN is its cover so they have you looking in the wrong direction go to TERRAL 03 on here and look at the latest spot on facts of its presence wake up its here

  • Bers81:

    As far as I know that i supposed to be the leaked picture of nibiru from a Nasa empliyee.
    But i might be wrong

  • markerf16:

    Where are these pics coming from? I like the one at 3:48 but need to know where it came from.. Anyone give me coordinates to use on MS world wide telescope?

  • cosmicordering1:

    So what is the prognosis, doctor? Be Cosmic …

  • tanarus77:

    “run to the hills” by iron maiden may have more meaning then just the slaughter of the only real true americans

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