Is it true that there is a nibiru is coming and government covers up the reality ?

i’ve read that a planet called nibiru passes by every 3600 years and it is coming in the year 2012 that will threaten human existence.

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  • Effem T:

    Yes. Nibiru. Put on your raincoat.

    Saints help us all.

  • Mike G:

    The vast majority of astronomers (who don’t work for the government) dispute the very existence of Nibiru, never mind its orbit. So there’s not much for the government to cover up.

    Unless you’re one of those folks who believes every crackpot space-related theory you read, I’d suggest that you don’t worry too much about it.

  • Tim C:

    no there is no nibiru, it was thoguht up by some people who have no clue about science. looking at the “proof” reveals how incredibly dense they are, they show pictures of sun rises where there is an obvious lens flare and they call the flare this lost planet nibiru. ridiculous if a planet as big as nibiru is supposed to be was so close to us that we could see it in pictures as a clear disk (like the moon) its graviational effects on us would be huge. every astronomer with a telescope would be able to see it at night even when it is far away. yet no one sees this thing other than the nuts who post this “proof” online.

    there is no nibiru, there is no nibiru cover up.

  • Don M:

    You’re confusing two separate conspiracy theories.

    One has to do with Nibiru, which is somehow connected to Pluto, a “reptilian race” (also called the Annunaki Conspiracy) and the writings of fringe author Zechariah Sitchin. If you’re into that stuff, check out David Icke’s “The Biggest Secret”. It’s pretty “out there” but it sums up this particular conspiracy theory pretty well.

    The other has to do with a recently-popular theory based on Mayan myth, which claims that the Earth will end in 2012, for reasons not stated. It’s possible, as the Mayans were pretty good astronomers, that they were predicting the return of comet Swift-Tuttle, which does indeed make a near-Earth approach in 2012. You may be able to find out more about the factual side of this by reading a translation of the “Popul Vuh” (Mayan “Bible”). There’s also a wildly speculative fictional book out this year… I forget the author.

    The two are not related.

  • n2s.astronomy:

    You shouldn’t believe everything you read.

    2012 is right around the corner in astronomical terms. You should ask:

    1) What is Nibiru? If it is a planet then how big is it, how fast is it traveling, and where is it located now.

    2) If it were a Jupiter-sized planet, then millions of amateur astronomers thw world over would be able to see it clearly in the night sky with their own backyard telescopes.

    Science is about learning the truth through experimentation, observation, and deduction. It is not enough to read it some place, or to have someone say something. The burden is on them to provide a logical explanation and to enough information for you to see what they claim to have seen.

  • Elizabeth H:

    The possibility that we might be hit by an asteroid is not relevant to whether or not Nibiru exists. I do a lot of work on the asteroid impact danger, as you can see on my website . I also can’t promise that you will live through December 2012; you might be hit by a truck. But I can say with confidence that Nibiru doesn’t exist. Remember what Nibiru is said to be: a planet (or brown dwarf) with a 3600 year period, known to the ancient Sumerians, that will pass between the Earth and the Sun in 2012 and is already easily seen from the South Pole. That is flat-out false. If there were such an object, astronomers would know about it and have been tracking it for years. Thus “Nibiru” is a lie, independent of other things that might happen like a hit by an asteroid (or a truck).

    David Morrison
    NAI Senior Scientist

  • Raymond:

    Let’s see.
    Which government are you talking about? (there are over 200 governments on this planet)

    How many secrets can our government keep? OK, so the weapons of mass destruction in Iraq are still a well-kept secret. Any others?

    How many astronomers are controlled by our government?

    Are all astronomers in Iran controlled by our government?

    We know who created the legend of Nibiru (initials are ZS) and when he created it. That is why we know that the planet Nibiru is fictitious.

    The story that this guy made up was that this planet would come back in 2085 or after (certainly not before). The calculated period (still according to the creator of the legend) was somewhere between 3600 and 3700 years. The planet never hits us or causes physical problems to our planet. Instead, the inhabitants come over and collect “their” gold which we are supposed to mine for them (as their slaves). Wait until they learn that we lost everything in the big High-Risk Mortgage melt-down. That will be hilarious.

    Then charlatans hijacked poor, fictitious Nibiru and forced it to participate in the Big 2012 Hoax Off (which is where you probably heard about it).

    The charlatans had predicted the end-of-the-world for… 2003. They had written a book to explain how and to help readers survive the end of the world. You see, there was this Planet X which was supposed to come close, cause storms, quakes and even flip our poles (sounds familiar?).

    Well, it seems that the planet failed to show up in 2003. So they revised the book, changed the date, added Nibiru and Nemesis to the hoax and are now predicting so many ways that they will work together (the two planets and the brown dwarf — all fictitious, of course) that they end up contradicting themselves.

    Don’t forget: we can see planets around other stars and brown dwarfs at a hundred light-years — and we can’t see one on our doorstep?


  • Geoff G:

    “Is it true that there is a nibiru is coming?”

    No. Nibiru does not exist. The word is from ancient Sumerian and refers to the planet Jupiter. An incompetent “scholar” named Zecharia Sitchin invented another planet by the same name, which also doesn’t exist:

    “and government covers up the reality?”
    There’s no “reality” to cover up.

    Scientists don’t expect anything out of the ordinary to happen in the year 2012, or specifically on the date December 21, other than the solstice, which happens every year.

    None of the “predicted” happenings for 2012 hold up under close scrutiny. “Planet X” and “Nibiru” simply don’t exist. The Mayan calendar ends a cycle, but there were no predictions of the end of the world. The Sun doesn’t line up with the galactic centre; it’s 6 degrees off. No asteroids or comets are actually predicted to hit Earth.

    All of this stuff was put together by crackpots in order to promote their books and TV shows, and shamelessly promoted by the History Channel. Don’t take any of it seriously!

  • bikenbeer2000:

    If there were such an object as Nibiru arriving in 2012, it would be visible in binoculars by now to anyone who cared to take a look.
    Governments may have many powers, but the ability to prevent millions of people around the world from seeing an approaching planet isn’t one of them.

  • Tina L:

    you have just failed the internet gullibility test. it’s a cruel and cynical hoax. nothing more.

    if nibiru was going to be in our vicinity in 2012 it would already have been detected by amateur astronomers all over the world, extensively studied, charted, photographed.

    where is it? i’m going out tonight with my telesscope. please tell me where to look. i can see uranus and neptune in it easily. nibiru should be a piece of cake.

  • lindajune:

    Nibiru is hypothetical – that’s a fancy word for “it doesn’t exist”.
    There is no evidence or scientific proof that Nibiru exists.
    When you say “the government” I assume you mean the US government (there are a lot of others in the world, by the way, only Americans say “the government” when they mean the US).
    And while the US government may be powerful within its own borders, it can’t control observations made around the world by independant astronomers.
    Nibiru has not been observed (and professional and amateur astronomers have scoured the skies for decades looking for comets, planets, asteroids, supernovas, and Nibiru).
    Observations made by the Voyagers and Pioneers of the objects in the Kuiper Belt do not support a planet of any size out there.
    If Nibiru did exist and was going to hit Earth in 4 years, it would be VERY visible in any telescope by now.

  • reynoldseblacas:

    The Mayan calendar ends at 2012 because that is when a new era will dawn for humanity, right after the two true witnesses of God mentioned in the book of Revelation in the Bible are assassinated and then resurrected. Since they are world famous and hotly debated for three years first, they should be emerging from obscurity soon. Then there is a brief period where the devil appears mortally wounded (as it says in Revelation, Islam prophecy specifies a time of world peace and justice) before the antichrist rallies to attack at “the place in Hebrew called Armageddon” (as it says in Revelation, Islam prophecy says the attack is on a united Middle East). Armageddon is Mt. Megiddo in Israel.

    The prophecy given by Jesus, peace be unto him, in the New Testament does include however signs on earth and in the heavens, but it is clear from the prophecies that the earth will not be destroyed by collision with anything.

    Science also explains the destruction of the metaphorically named “Great City of Babylon” that receives God’s wrath and that is the central target of an earth-shaking destruction that also causes hundred-pound hailstones to fall from the sky (sorry, I’m American, we’re still not on metric, lol) to coincide with the return of Jesus (Revelation chapter 16, verses 17-21, also read chapters 15-18).

    The description given in Revelation is an eruption of a super volcano ( and other sites have info on these fascinating and jaw-dropping monstrosities that wipe out life across the planet with a major eruption). There is one super volcano in the world that is active and due for an eruption, in the U.S., we call it Yellowstone National Park. The U.S. curiously matches the description of the Great City of Babylon, infected with every manner of evil but whose main vice is an obsession with wealth and luxury and all other nations of the world must cater to it.

    There is so much more I could share with you, but that’s probably enough for now.

  • Ron T:

    OMG! Nibiru (the dark sun) is coming! Planet X orbits Nibiru. The proof is here:

    I’m pretty sure the Ancient Egyptians, Greeks, and Romans would have noted a major cataclysm that happened during their time. We have recorded history from 3600 years ago, and nothing mentions the world’s destruction.

    BTW, I just posted a bridge in Brooklyn on craigslist…cheap!

  • Technophille Tom:


  • Ken E:

    Yeah, right, just like they covered up the appearance of a 2000 mile long alien space ship over Alabama on 14 October 2008.

    The Nibiru fraud was invented by a fake scholar called Zecharia Sitchin in the 1970s and 1980s and would have been forgotten except for other frauds shoe horning it into the rest of the lies about 2012.

    And as far as I know Sitchin claimed the last visit from this planet was in about 600BC. That makes the next visit about 1000 years in the future. So even if he was right, it wiil not happen for a long time. But since he was lying about being able to read old Mesopotamian texts, he cannot be believed.

    I have recently watched a YouTube clip about this. Within 1 minute and 44 seconds I counted one error and three direct misrepresentations of facts that are easily checked. That is the quality of these liars’ evidence.

    I am checking the profile of people who ask 2012 related questions. I have never made a practice of reporting questions in the past but from a few days ago I started reporting people who ask these questions more than three times.

    So far you are OK.

  • Beatz Rocc:

    Some of the same “Top Contributors” are back to tell the “Truth”.

    I’m sure when Ken E is talking about reporting people, i am one of them. Y! Answers deleted one of my questions on 2012 and one of my answers for Nibiru and Planet X. Seems people don’t like the truth getting out around here.

    If Planet X or Nibiru are fake, why would NASA have information of the two on their website???? And you’ll get people saying “They have the information there so they can debunk it later”. Why even have it if they don’t exist.

    Of course the government will cover it up, as they do many things. They just expect everybody to go about their daily lives and not question anything. Which is BS because as citizens of this country, we should be QUESTIONING OUR GOVERNMENT!!

    As citizens, we lost the determination and drive to expose the truth, as those who came before us exampled. We’ve become numb to the truth, blinded by materialistic possessions and greed, forgetting to help one another.

    These folks who say that no scientist backs up 2012 are lying, blatantly. To them the History Channel is no longer credible, yet i don’t see anybody complaining about anything else they show, just things pertaining to 2012 and our planet’s inevitable demise. Shows the narrow-mindedness of some people.

    Please, just do your research and come to your own conclusion. Anybody can say they work for nasa or are some type of astronomer/scientist and it’s not true.

    Nobody knows me personally…So if i told you i worked for the Government and claimed that this whole thing is bananas, you would probably believe me. So simple to accomplish, AND it’s a lie. Think about it.

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