Fallen Angels? Nephilim? Strange Elongated Skulls Of Peru…

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24 Responses to “Fallen Angels? Nephilim? Strange Elongated Skulls Of Peru…”

  • Richard Swan:

    Ancient texts from many sources, both East and West were written by the most educated people of their time. The fact that humans did not have the Scientific method then does not invalidate their writings, within the context of their cultural norms and related methods of self-expression. I think this video is worthy of posting? and worthy of further investigation. Thank you.

  • Billy Reynolds:

    Sorry, turned off as soon as this “author” and “expert” identified this? as an object which doesn’t actually exist.

  • marshall23tm:

    Come on brian? how can you let this author make up this rubbish about this skeleton I’m putting on 1 your videos the man is clearly talking out of his asshole it’s good to have a theory but this man’s going too far if you want to keep your credibility brian don’t put jerks like him on your videos

  • marshall23tm:

    This author is up for another book deal I’m not qualified to talk about these things skeletons should be put back to where they came from? show some respect for the people these guys really have no weight beehind what they are saying

  • lisa Stewart:

    another great? vid thanks Brien, but DNA samples?

  • timnray99:

    uh…..uh…..uh…..you don’t really think i am going to believe? this?

  • djarman26:

    More vids brien we wont more?

  • Moment2Forever:

    the mysterious source of the rebellion to which you? refer is doing things that are out of balance with nature, its called a luciferian experiment, like our modern heat/petroleum based economy is a fallen way of life

  • barbagiggia:

    Stop drink alcoholic m8 can be counterproductive……?

  • Olivia Mulgrew:

    Hi Brian? ..nice to see your video pop up and yes this is exactly what i believe .. yes yes yes this is wonderful …very very interesting ..i had hoped to get there myself but off to Bulgaria on a mission of my own …and the movement from there to Egypt through tomaybe Bulgaria ( triciens) through Europe etc or at least the od gen or two ;) …amazing amazing video and a very interesting guest speaker …thankyou :) I just cant get enough of your work …:)

  • surfjerr:

    I have a little story ! When i was very young i looked around ,Birds,dogs,cats,deer,bear,all the insects,all the creatures,Then i looked at myself,I cant stand in the snow naked i would die,I cant stay in the water i would die,I cant live with nature with what i was born with,We are the only creature here on earth that was’nt ment for here. All other creatures thrive? with mother nature with what they were born with.We are hybrids

  • WeStandToFight:

    666 views….. another? great vid again :)

  • Troy Taylor:

    I believe this to be so also and they are discovering it is not such an uncommon event. Whatever laws of cause and effect brought the sun we currently have into place in the past. Venus came in after this and things changed here. Our old Sun, Saturn was out shined and pushed out of the picture.? The golden age was lost and those that survived had to adapt to the frequency of the new sun or die. We are that resulting hybrid to carry on. We don’t live as long due to our present Sun and Moon system

  • Noah Ark:

    Hi Brien,
    First of all, thank for the great videos you upload to your channel. There might be more aspects to what you’re doing here but you’re also giving so much information to interested people who had no clue? these things even exist.
    secondly, I might have an idea why the wall blocks in pre Inka structures fit together so precisely. It’s just an idea but I need you to take a second look at the blocks to investigate the possibility.

  • surfjerr:

    we are going through that very same thing right now > a small solar system hitting ours right now, Now this isnt gospel ive heard this twice in three weeks still researching this.But the ppl saying this are on the top? of the game.we will see huh.

  • Troy Taylor:

    We find evidence all over of species that once existed but are piled up as if washed high up and deposited. We see species of humanoids no longer around (supposedly) Suppose for a moment the entieties called Nephilim are nothing other than hybrids of the survivors? of the collision of our two solar systems. When Saturn was our sun it was recorded as the golden time, the exemplary sun. Suppose once gone the survivors could no longer reproduce. Genetic play was necessary since their sun died

  • surfjerr:

    ” The sons of God saw that the daughters of men were? beautiful; and they took wives for themselves, whomever they? chose.” Gen 6:2…

  • Troy Taylor:

    I believe these entities as the good gentleman says, were being hunted, even sacrificed because they were deemed evil by man in some places but a better sacrifice to the gods by the Nazca people. I have based my opinion on many of the writings of old indicating the Nephilim were not considered friends to man.. With that said, they did have followers devout and loyal to them. These tribes began head binding simply to sacrifice themselves to try to save those few of the real deal? left. Case closed

  • charlespontoon:

    Even if the DNA test’s come back human, something strange? was still going on with these skulls…

  • tahwnikcufos:

    Subscribed for the architectural wonders of South America, unsubscribed due to? the persistent alien baby videos…

  • waslurkinginspace:

    Human diversity was reduced by some event. The most “known” diversity is in Africa. These are? probably survivors. The ancients probably thought they were angels or gods. I can’t wait for the DNA results.

  • GoddessStone:

    ok, Brien, it is obvious you are not serious about this, tell us what YOU? think these skulls mean…you keep asking “experts” who can’t tell you anything…in video after video after flipping video, you run around all over the place looking for more skulls, and I give you real explanations, and your head screams “NO!” Well, keep turning over stones, crawl around in caves all you want, but quit looking for answers from doctors, they are not people with answers…about anything.

  • ReAnderson90:

    The Archangels are the? Chakras.

  • benemund3:

    Interesting observations. Again, strong evidence.? Thank you Brien.

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