Are those black plastic coffins that FEMA has really coffins?

And, if they really are or aren’t, what purpose do they have?

3 Responses to “Are those black plastic coffins that FEMA has really coffins?”

  • VampBite:

    someone watches to much nutty ventura.

  • Smells like New Screen Names:

    So let me get this straight

    Fifty years of the government using body bags, because a body bag is flexible, easily stored, can be carried by two men, and seals to prevent fluid leakage, yet in order to secretly round up and kill Christians, they buy specially made coffins?

    Do you grasp how stupid that is?

    They secretly design commission, produce a brand new product, just for this. When they could easily just by some hefty cinch sacks if they weren’t happy with the standard body bag.

    Or As popular mechanics bothered to find out they’re
    “The black polypropylene products purported to be coffins are grave liners, or burial vaults, manufactured by Convington, Ga.-based Vantage Products. (In this case, they are examples of the company’s Standard Air Seal model.) The use of a burial vault, which prevents the collapse of cemetery ground and protects the casket, is a common requirement when a body is interred.

    The filmed lot in Madison, Ga., is a Vantage storage facility. Of the 900,000 or so in-ground burials in the U.S. each year, a small percentage of those people prearranged their own caskets and vaults–which Vanguard holds at the storage facility until the appropriate time. According to company Vice President of Operations Michael Lacey, there are approximately 50,000 vaults in storage in Madison. “It’s nowhere near the quantity they talk about on the Internet,” he told the local Morgan County Citizen newspaper. Furthermore, Lacey has said the company maintains detailed records of product ownership and is audited annually, to insure all vaults are accounted for.”

    Oh I see, you’re the same person who claims fluoride is for mind control.

  • Vern86:

    Well, let’s see….Their name is Federal Emergency Management Agency….They manage emergencies.

    Part of emergencies is that people die..There are bodies. Dead bodies breed disease, contaminate water supplies, etc.

    They have a supply of coffins to handle a large amount of dead. Nothing sinister at all, in fact, it’s a very good thing to have for a disaster.

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