2014 Predictions With Major Ed Dames (Part 1/3) – Fukushima – Solar Flares – Killshot – ETs

Dec. 9th 2013 – On Coast to Coast – Major Ed Dames has been making accurate predictions for decades using Remote Viewing and reveals what to expect for 2014….

17 Responses to “2014 Predictions With Major Ed Dames (Part 1/3) – Fukushima – Solar Flares – Killshot – ETs”

  • cary grava:

    For the record, Confusious did not write the Art of War, Sun Tzu did ;-) ?

  • cary grava:

    I think Major Dames had watched too much Star Trek, with Prime Directives
    and Federation of Planets. Then again when Captain Kirk whipped out the
    first communicator and asked Scotty to beam him and Mr Spock up back in the
    early 60s we all thought that Gene Roddenberry had a wonderfully inane
    imagination. Now every grade school child carries one around. We just
    call them cell phones. Doctors now have what closely resemble Tricorders
    and the military is certainly generations ahead of what the public can buy
    or even know about. Coast to Coast always seems to have very entertaining
    and somewhat informative quests and this is no exception. One must keep an
    open mind and take most things with a grain or two of salt, afterall we all
    need a little salt in order to survive = )?

  • cary grava:

    Keep in mind that although Fukashima’s population may not exceed 300,000.
    The metropolitan area of Tokyo has about 30 million people which is almost
    a 1/4 of their 126 million people living in all of Japan. Early studies
    already show the Tokyo city water is contaminated. We are now seeing polar
    bears in the Arctic, and other bears in Alaska losing fur and having skin
    legions, massive bird die offs, and scores of fish showing up in fisherman
    nets bleeding from the eyes, gills and stomachs, not to mention the
    impending Photoplankton depopulation and slow die off. Michio Kaku is
    right, TEPCO needs to be relieved from the duty of this cleanup and brought
    in only in an advisory manner, as the Japanese military may be the only
    large group well organized enough to help clean this mess up with an
    Internation consortium of Geologists, Nuclear Physisists and other World
    ReKnown Experts of various fields heading the operation. The Japanese
    government needs to do the only honorable thing by setting their pride
    aside and ask for help. The world wants to help, foremost leading people
    in every field are willing to lend their guidance and support, so lets get
    to it?

  • jjjjj:

    I remote viewed me taking a shit and boy did i ever. I thought i was
    splitting in half.?

  • Sandra Keener:

    Thank you to Coast to Coast, and Ed Ames, Regarding all your insight.
    Unfortunately I have no talent for being able to focus. Running thoughts to
    no available end. Again I thank you.?

  • mona may:

    I have to disagree with Ed, we do not have to seek higher intelligence
    because there is no higher intelligence out there. Just because some
    creatures, that might or might not resemble the physical features of
    humans, living in space ships have a few fancier looking machines than
    humans have, that does not make them more intelligent. Obviously humans
    have failed their intelligence test. When humans encounter a problem they
    always seek the intelligence of someone out there to help them, Jesus, God,
    Mohammad, ET’s etc., but none of them come to save them. Humans have the
    capacity to solve their problems without any outside intervention, but the
    problem is that they are too stupid to do the work. They are constantly
    HOPING to be saved by outside forces. Future cannot be predicted because it
    has not occurred yet. However, for those who plan our future (the human
    critters ruling this planet) and those, like Ed, who work for these human
    phychos, then some of the future can be predicted. What Mr. Ed is really
    good at predicting is Fear, and that prediction is really good at
    immobilizing humans into thinking that only the intelligent off planet
    critters like Jesus or ET’s are able to come and save us. There are 7
    billions of humans. I don’t believe that our man made sh.t on this planet
    cannot be fixed by that many logically thinking biological machines.?



  • cary grava:

    Nothing worthy of note has been removed yet, barring the rods which flew
    all over the area from the initial explosion. The best estimates for
    having the “indoor ponds” which house the rods reach thermal equilibrium
    to consider them controlled may extend into January. Keep in mind that
    they are dumping 300 metric tons of water ( equivilant to 2 minutes of
    water which flows over Niagra Falls at any given time ) used for cooling
    into the Pacific Ocean every day. Once the rods are considered stable,
    they will need to be removed and transferred robotically into portable
    sustainable tanks and trucked away. Then much of the excess materials
    which cannot be removed will need to be contained. This is where it gets
    very tricky. Unlike Chernobyl, where they just filled it in and capped
    it. They will have to dig under the plant and lay an incredible
    sophisticated base in which to prevent further seapage into the ground and
    fresh water table before they can fill, cap and encase the internal mess.
    Experts claim that this process will take years to a decade to complete
    before they put some sort of commerative monument to the poor first
    responders who sprayed water on the mess with fire hoses in a suicidal
    mission in an attempt to cool it initially before they resorted to salt
    water from the Pacific and then later fresh water brought in by trucks
    carrying tanks. ( those Fire Fighters were incredible Heroes in their
    valiant effort to try to do something about it immediately, as were the
    workers with enough responisibility to stay and help over fleeing for their
    lives) The untold stories of those who gave their lives should never go
    untold. TEPCO ( Tokyo Electric & Power Company ) will hopefully be held
    finacially responsible for those lives and the millions of lives which will
    be lost in the decades to come from exposure to radiation in the forms of
    various cancers which in many cases not show up for years to come.
    Although many children are already developing cancerous cysts on their
    Thyroids from just breathing the air within a 50 mile radius, winds not
    withstanding. I sincerely hope for all of this that is accomplished in
    time as to not make the nightmare scenario of my initial comment come
    true. I have not heard of any plans as of yet to incorporate some sort of
    sea wall or barrier to help contain future radiation leakage in the future
    once the external water cooling process is completed and the fuel rods
    removed. Not to mention other measures to be taken in defense of the
    likelyhood of future Earthquakes or subsequential Tsunamis?

  • mediaman2004:

    I’ve heard remote viewing actually works, BUT…..most all of Ed Dames’s
    predictions have never come true. He is definitely a failed prophet.?

  • real morpheus:

    hey george all the so called secret military equipment got gangbanged?

  • Harrison Zeffert:

    aren’t the precursor events of failed rocket launches occurring now?! oh

  • cary grava:

    International intervention is long overdue in cleaning this mess up.
    Perhaps they should follow the Russian model used in cleaning up
    Chernobyl. They used the military and anyone willing to help, amassing
    around 600,000 people using less than 15 minute shifts each to cap and
    cover what was until this mess the worst nuclear accident ever. We need to
    pull the rods, cap this thing and build a sea wall to help contain future
    leaks. Spreading of contamination is killing off Phytoplankton at an
    alarming rate and it only going to get worse. Killing off the food base
    for the Pacific ocean will not only effect all marine life, but could pose
    a risk to the planet through oxygen depletion as this plankton generates
    much of the oxygen created to sustain the proper oxygen / hydrogen mix in
    the atmosphere. Should that ratio start to flip, it will be lights out
    world. To sustain planetary life there needs to be at least a 20% oxygen
    count, when it drops lower than 19.5% the hydrogen will take over in an
    irreversable vacuum which would basically turn the atmosphere inside out
    pulling the water straight into space, not to mention pull the water out of
    everything else, all concrete infrastructure would crumble, lifeforms would
    dehydrate and it would really be the end. Scientists should already know
    this. With how fast the die off is occuring we can’t wait another 20
    months, it won’t take that long. The equation becomes exponential at some
    point and we shouldn’t wait to find out when. In this ugly scenario, no
    other world event could possibly take priority right now. Perhaps George
    Carlin was right, Mother Earth is going to shake off humanity like a bad
    case of fleas?

  • Snork Double Snork:

    Gleep… Ed Dames does not Impress… They should find a more credible
    Remote Viewer than him…?

  • Geo Spartan:

    Why do a lot of guests on Coast to Coast AM sound the same. Ed Dames sounds
    like several other guests they have had on. Strange? ?

  • ProfoundlyIneffable:

    How late does it have to get to realize there are changes?? They surround
    you on all sides!!!! You ask when??? How about NOW!?

  • mwmanning54:

    A generation in the Holy Bible is between 70 and 100 years,depending on
    which scripture one is reading.So a guess would be,somewhere between now
    and 2048,the Lord will return as Conquerer.I think it is closer to

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