#1 Best Food Storage Seminar! Wendy DeWitt

Entertaining & No-nonsense Food Storage expert Wendy DeWitt shares her simple & easy way to get started with your emergency food storage. Filmed in 2005 in Gilbert, Arizona.

25 Responses to “#1 Best Food Storage Seminar! Wendy DeWitt”

  • JamesFariello:

    Get a Tilla pint and large? mouth sealer top and their tube. Go to a auto parts store and buy a vacuum brake pump and you can use jars to vacuum seal beans, rice, or anything dry. I dehydrate food, put them into a canning jar, put the top on, seal them. No more air removal bags that are iron fillings that rust and take the oxygen out of the jar. It works…..

  • YiuTeub:

    If you? have an end table get rid of it and use a wood box to store food and water and then put a top on it. If there is air there is storable space.

  • KiwiCatherineJemma:

    Part 3.. There is no need to add bleach to ordinary tap-water, when storing it in clean bottles, then put it in a dark place, eg back of a cupboard. I use washed out plastic CocaCola or fruit juice type bottles. Note that I live in? Christchurch, New Zealand (go to Australia, then turn South-East and go another 1,000 miles (1,600 km) and since September 2010 we’ve had 5 major earthquakes and over 10,000 aftershocks, out city centre has been demolished, but I always had enough supplies on hand

  • KiwiCatherineJemma:

    Part 2.. Also to all those people that grizzle that they haven’t got the room for storing one years food/water/toilet paper etc, I say to them just start with storing one week’s worth, later 2 weeks later 3? weeks etc etc. I’m only in a small 2 bedroom apartment so I just keep my kitchen cupboards stocked up with a bit of extra packet food and tin cans. I use washed out CocaCola and fruit juice kind of bottles to store fresh water in, some in the garage and some in back of cupboards.

  • KiwiCatherineJemma:

    Great video, even for the non-religious and non-Americans (‘pint” is about 500cc and “quart” = 1 litre). I am *SO* glad this? was filmed, the camera-work is good enough and with generally good sound. A great pity though that cutaways weren’t later added, or the camera swung around at the time to show: the water storages and the solar oven. Note friends of mine live in Outback Australia and have only limited solar electricity and storage batteries, and they use their solar ovens most sunny days.

  • mijemu:

    man i have a twin bed i couldnt even fit the 52 jars of ragu under it, this is nuts!, bunch rotten? food after a year and wasted money! sugar isnt gonna last for 30 years this is wacky!

  • savgal1211:

    Thanks to Wendy I have 2 yrs worth of food stored, and I pressur canned 1,5 yrs of home ade beef stews and chillis and all kinds of meats. I love my 921 All American canner! And My Food Saver with the Port that seals all my mason jars.. 40 lbs of choc chips and hershey cocoa!! We have 800 lbs of wheat and a great grinder, bakes the best breads,? etc

  • pokeythepatriot777:

    I couldn’t understand the name of the book “….Independence” – can you tell me where I can get it? That’s the book that shows you how to do everything from scratch. You mentioned mushroom soup – do you make it ahead and can it or make? it from scratch each time? enjoying your vid..,thanks!

  • grandmananners:

    put rubber bands around your glass jars and store them in the boxes they came in with its separation? slots and it will keep them from bangin against each other

  • ericalee817:

    Im only curious, and not trying to be rude, but if something like an earthquake or bomb or whatever happens….nervous hands whatever the case may be…..those glass jars would not serve a lot of purpose if the glass shards are contaminating the food right? Are there alternative to glass jars? Honestly an earthquake or something would be? disasterous on a food supply held in glass wouldnt you think?

  • freshairinspector:

    Great video, would love to get the? booklet that goes along with this Video especially the equivalence page,how may I get it? Mr HarVy from Canada? ! thanks in advance !

  • AjPrepper:

    I may have missed it, but how long will butter last on the shelf being just vacuum sealed this way? Also, I have? seen it pressure canned. Is this a better solution or is there an opinion?.. Thank you so much for your time.

  • CalvinSilverbow:

    The Solar Oven comment made me? smile. I bet in Phoenix/Gilbert, AZ., Solar Ovens work REAL good. (smiling)

  • joshuafarnsworth:

    People always make fun of Utah people for storing food under their beds & other? furniture :)

  • kelandu:

    Im still wondering where to store all this food I cannot afford to buy lol. My? house is small and there are 5 people living here.

  • joshuafarnsworth:

    Ya, that’s probably confusing. This was filmed at a church building owned by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, and I’m assuming most people there belonged? to that church, so the lingo is not explained. “The Prophet” refers to the current church president. Does that help?

  • JustOneAsbesto:

    Who’s the prophet she keeps talking about??

  • mahuiki:

    Great video, would love to get the booklet that goes along with this system.?

  • ratled1:

    Don’t feel bad, everywhere I look it is out of? stock

  • TheDenisedrake:

    Fantastic information! I use my FoodSaver canister like she uses the? JarVac.

  • AnnieinKC:

    Get the book at Everythingunderthesunblog.blogspot.com or email Wendy Dewitt at wdewitt22@gmail.com. This was a fabulous video – I learned SO much! I only shop for groceries once every 6 months and people were flabbergasted at that (I don’t do dairy except for fat free milk for cereal). However, NOW I’ll only? be shopping once every 5 or 10 years! LOL! Thank you SO MUCH for posting this video. Smiles, AnnieinKC

  • lindavip:

    not there. Only a DVD as I? stated above.

  • joshuafarnsworth:

    Go to Amazon and search? for: “Sensible Food Storage: Storing the Foods You Love? to Eat.”

  • lindavip:

    There is no book available on Amazon. At least? I cannot locate it. There WAS a DVD, but it is out of stock. Where can the book be found? Thanks for sharing the video

  • joshuafarnsworth:

    You’re sure welcome!?

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